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  5. "Два роки"

"Два роки"

Translation:Two years

November 21, 2015



Why Дві студеитки but два роки ? both are plural. Is gender the reason ?


Yes, that's correct.


Hello everyone! I would like to ask what is the difference between using "два рокі" and "два роки"? The first answer was accepted as well however it was almost correct.


Рокі is wrong, sometimes duo would accept your wrong answer if it thinks you unintentionally misspelled a word or two


Thank you very much! I see, it is because it is spelled this way? or is it because of some masculine, neutrality or feminine rules to follow? Sorry for the trouble!!


Роки is the plural form of рік. "Рокі" could be a dual form, but modern Ukrainian doesnt really use dual form as language evolves and is "simplified". Most Ukrainian nouns in plural form end in either "-и" (mostly) or "-і". There are could be some rules to that but I'm not very strong on the "technical" side of things so I can't really help you with specific rules to follow.



That's an article in Ukrainian about plural forms, even though it is in Ukrainian you can see some of the examples and even observe some patterns after certain letters.

You need to copy and paste the link as duo doesn't like cyrillics in links


Ahhh thank you very much! you are very helpful! I appreciate it!!


Glad to help out. Good luck with your studies!


Whats the difference between роки and років?

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