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  5. "She is a future doctor."

"She is a future doctor."

Translation:Она будущий врач.

November 21, 2015



Nowday russian speaker also says 'Она будущая врач.' too. Both should be taken as answers.

[deactivated user]

    Really? I've never heard such a form, and if I did, I would certainly consider it a mistake.


    Yes definately, there's lots of thesis about this phenomenon. there's all difference tendency of using this phrases as female, such "pronoun>verbs(agreeable)>adjective>relative adjective". There could be personal difference of using it but it actually exist and growing really rapidly after 90s. and using a agrred form of verb and adjective is almost a new norm now.


    The French have a neat trick for this kind of gender difficulty: they say "Madame, le [masculine article] Président". Could one try that in Russian without sounding weird?


    Sounds a bit weird for me to say она and using masculine gender after. Thanx for your tip


    Since "доктора" is given in the hints, shouldn't "Она будущая доктора" be accepted?


    "Доктора" is not the feminine form, but the genitive case of the still masculine noun "доктор", therefore it doesn't fit here.


    That's what I used and it wasn't accepted =( Anyone know why?


    Джоди Уитакер - будущая врач...

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