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"Grandfather has left the photographs at home."

Translation:Дедушка забыл фотографии дома.

November 21, 2015



I feel like this sentence/translation is a little misleading - but maybe not.

I thought забыть was "To Forget".

What if Grandfather left the photographs at home on purpose? Is there a verb for that?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, забы́л can only be used if he forgot to take them. If he left them on purpose, you’d use оста́вил.


    Why the variant "Дедушка забыл дома фотографии" is not right? There is no any difference in Russian where the object is.


    "Фото" is not accepted in place of "фотографии"... but I guess that's fair, actually.


    дедушка оставил фотографию домой?


    домой - incorrect here. When we say where he left it and need to answer "at home", then use "дома". Also, for example "Where You are? At home (дома)." And when say "where am I going? домой".


    what's the difference between "дома" and "в доме"?


    Доме is the prepositional form of дом (used following the preposition в in your example) and дома I believe is the genitive possessive form which is formed by adding an a to a masculine singular noun that is inanimate maybe indicating the house has the photos. ??


    Yes, thank you, that's true, but why would "в доме" not be accepted in this case and context?


    I think you use дома when you want to say “at home “and B доме when you want to say” in the house”. They basically mean the same thing but Дома is the closer translation.


    Ah, yes, that makes sense - but in this example it wouldn't really change the meaning of what is being said: he left the photos at home or in the house - it's basically the same, isn't it? One could argue that 'in the house' could be not his but someone else's house, but then the same could be said about 'at home'.


    That's what I figured too, but then how do we know that the sentence doesn't mean "Grandfather forgot the photographs of our house"?


    Wait...why "Дедушка забыл фотографии дома" is correct? Should be: "Дедушка забыла фотографии дома" Right?


    No, дедушка is masculine.


    a few words dont fall under the normal mascule/feminine rules

    дедушка - masc.

    папа - masc.

    время - neuter

    there are more i could go on but few of them dont line up with the end of the word


    Very misleading translation

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