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  5. "Vera went to the store."

"Vera went to the store."

Translation:Вера ходила в магазин.

November 21, 2015



Is there something wrong with using «шла» here?


'Вера шла в магазин' would mean 'Vera was going to the store'.


So does «Вера ходила в магазин»... They are both imperfect.


It's not the same meaning, though. 'Vera was going to the store' means that she was literally on her way to the store at a particular point in time, whereas 'Vera went to the store' means something different in English; it can either mean 'Vera went to the store' (regularly/multiple times in the past) - Вера ходила в Магазин - OR, more counterintuitively, 'Vera went to the store ONCE, as a round trip' - Вера ходила в магазин.

Both 'Vera was going to the store' - Вера шла в магазин - and 'Vera went to the store' (regularly/multiple times in the past) - Вера ходила в Магазин - correspond to the normal imperfective usage you would find in languages like French or Spanish, even though the first uses the unidirectional and the second uses the multidirectional verb of motion in Russian, but the commonly used 'single round trip' meaning - Вера ходила в магазин - often seems strange to English speakers because it uses an imperfect aspect to express a completed single action.


What about пошла?


Yes, "пошла" would work, if she hasn't returned yet (or we are focusing on the moment when she left and not on her journey or the result of it.)


So we have: она шла в магазин - she was going to the store - she left the house but didnt get to the store yet. Она пошла в магазин- she went to the store - she left the house to the store and is not back yet. Она ходила в магазин - she went to the store - she left the house to the store and is already back


Ходила - went,

Шла - was going,

Пошла - have gone


So magazin is accusative here?


Yes, в and на take the accusative when they are directional (essentially, meaning "to", "into ", or "onto"), and the locative when referring to location (therefore meaning "in" or "on".


Thank you both. That is clear. What is the distinction between the prepositions k and v as directional, please?


why not идила ? She went to a specific location.


There's no such word as "идила". The past form of "идти" is "шла" (for the feminine), it's an irregular verb. And the reason it won't work here anyway is already explained above by Twoquiche.


"Идила" this is not this word.

Ходила - went

Шла - was going to

Пошла- have gone


Why V and not NA?


There's a distinction between a place you go into and an outside sort of place. Generally, use в for inside places (дом, магазин) and на for outside places (улица).


Vera went to the store does not have to mean it was a round trip. Went can mean a completed action in the past. She went to the store yesterday. Was going would mean something was incomplete or something happened concurrently . While she was going to the store she saw a white cat. She was going to the store to buy milk, but the traffic was bad so she went to the library.


Вера в магазин ходнла - is the word order not flexible?


Why is на магазин refused ?


"На" is not used with "магазин".


I guess it would probably help if I knew Vera was a girl's name...

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