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"У нас больше не будет математики."

Translation:We won't have mathematics anymore.

November 21, 2015



"We will no longer have maths" - that's a perfect English sentence, meaning the same thing.


I'm sorry, but I don't recall ever seeing such a use of больше before. Можете объяснить, пожалуйста? Благодарю вас!


не больше as in no more


Me too, I thought, "not anymore" is уже нет


I thought of "not a lot".


"We will no longer have mathematics" is perfectly fine English sentence, and if I may say so, sounds nicer than the translation offered.


“We will no longer have mathematics” is a normal way to say the same thing and should be accepted!


We will no longer have mathematics is a more correct English sentence than "we won't have mathematics anymore"


"We will have no more mathematics"?


We will no longer have mathematics is a proper English sentence but is not accepted here. Their sentence is not correct English.


I translated it the same way. It should be accepted. (And, indeed, "any more" is two words; I have fallen foul of their tendency to regard it as a single word in other exercises.)


No, "anymore" should be one word here; "any more" refers to quantities (Would you like any more tea?). "Anymore" is an adverb that refers to time (I don’t like tea anymore.).

IMHO "У нас больше не будет математики." doesn't stress quantities of math lessons, but the fact that in the future they won't have math lessons ever again. (My guess is the "any more" version would be: У нас не будет больше математики.)


Does anyone know why математика is declined to математики?


I think this is the genitive, since it's a negative (e.g. not any of something).


I am confident that I hear an е instead of и in the end of the sentence


why is it wrong to say "we will have no more math"? DL corrected it to "we will have math no more," but I can't see the difference.


I think "we will have no more math" sounds rather poetic (or like part of a political speech where they repeat the line "we will have no more ___" several times) and would suggest using one of the accepted translations instead. However, I think it is a correct translation, and if you try it again you should report it.


Can’t say why exactly, but the word order you used sounds a bit odd to me, frankly. I’m siding with Duolingo on this one.


You missed a space. "We will not have maths any more." Any more or anymore?


It can only be "anymore" (one word) here. "Any more" (two words) refers to quantities (Would you like any more tea?). "Anymore" is an adverb that refers to time (I don’t like tea anymore.).

See https://www.grammarly.com/blog/anymore-vs-any-more/ for more. :)


I understand it)) It's error in one of the right answers.


Report, report, report. :)


As a mathematician, this troubles me greatly :(

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