"Real ducks live in the house."

Translation:В доме живут настоящие утки.

November 21, 2015



I guess I will never grasp the idea behind this sentence

November 20, 2016


I suspect we shouldn't overthink it. The contributor wanted us to practice the word настоящий, and had a sense of humor. Personally, I like it!

April 26, 2019


In English putting the word 'Real' at the beginning of the sentence implies that the ducks are only real if they live in the house. As in 'Real men drink beer.' A better word order would be 'In the house there are real ducks'.

February 16, 2018


"настоящие утки живут в доме"?

December 4, 2015


Report if it's not accepted

December 4, 2015


It is accepted

August 20, 2016


Is this "real ducks" in the sense of "Real men don't eat quiche"?? :)

November 24, 2016


I don‘t understand, why not в дому? I used looked it up in the Викисловарь (The Russian Wiktionary) and, apparently, the noun дом has a locative form (местный подеж). Why is в доме used here and not в дому? Is в дому dated or something?

December 27, 2016


The locative дому is usually used only with the preposition на (на дому́) meaning "happening at home". For example, рабо́та на дому́ — a work-at-home job. (To be honest, I can’t come up with other examples.) I think you are right in the assumption that в дому is dated.

December 27, 2016


Ясно. Thank you for responding! Спасибо большое за ответ!

December 28, 2016


real estate advert for ducks

October 7, 2017


It seems to me there is a mismatch between the English and Russian phrasing / emphasis. Native speaker?

В доме живут настоящие утки.
There are real ducks living in the house. (ducks are the new info)

Настоящие утки живут в доме.
Real ducks live in the house. (where they live is the new info)

But thanks for accepting both word orders in Russian, and for the humor! This ranks with "Please get off my cat." )))

April 26, 2019


I think, You are quite right. Most often, a key information includes at the end of the sentence. Almost always. But sometimes, I can highlight any word with the help of my intonation, no matter where it is located in the word order. For example настоящие.

  • В доме живут настоящие утки.
  • Настоящие утки живут в доме.

And if you are a poet, you can make the word order as you wish to create a rhyme

May 2, 2019


When is дома valid compared to в доме to indicate location ?

May 1, 2019


Is "Реальные утки живут в доме" or "В доме живут реальные утки" wrong?)

June 11, 2019


Neither is wrong, however these two sentences do not enhance the same aspect of the information :

"Реальные утки живут в доме" insists on the fact that they live in the house – that is THE place where they live.

"В доме живут реалные утки" insists on the fact that there are real ducks living in there (in the house). The interesting info is about the real ducks.

Almost every time the emphasized piece of information comes at the end of the sentence in Russian.

Last remark nonetheless ; this course teaches us the word настоящый which is a better translation for the meaning meant here I believe as it insists on the ducks being authentic, real, as if you said "Seriously there are actual real living ducks in the house !".

June 20, 2019


Yes, "настоящий" is better here. But I also wondered if "real" can mean "serious, cool".

June 20, 2019


"Настоящие утки жибут в доме"?

November 21, 2015


You have a typo there. It should be "живут" not "жибут" otherwise that word order also works

November 21, 2015


In my house, there's only fake ducks...^_^ How do you say "fake" in Russian? (As an adjective. My dictionary (app) only lists verbs & nouns..)

December 19, 2017


Yandex has ненастоящие as alternative, which makes sense, as many Russian antonyms are formed this way. Google suggests не настоящие, but I'd be inclined to trust Yandex more on the details of Russian words, and Vasmer's lists ненастоящие. (The main suggestion from Yandex was подделка, but that's a noun.)

April 26, 2019


is word order important here?

December 31, 2017
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