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"Говорите медленнее, я не понимаю."

Translation:Speak more slowly, I do not understand.

November 21, 2015



Now this is a sentence I see myself using a lot :)


Shouldn't this be "Speak more slowly"?


Yes, of course. Since we're describing an action, not a noun, it needs an adverbial construction (more slowly), not an adjective (slower).

The current "best translation" of "Speak slower...", is incorrect English.


If "slow" is медленный and "slower" is медленнее, what's "slowest?"


These are slightly different parts of speech. If you're talking about adjectives, then simply самый медленный. If adverbs, then it's a bit trickier... I'd say медленнее всех or медленнее всего.


Sometjing bugs me here (not a native speaker)

Slower : "more slow" Slowlier: "more slowly"

So why isnt "speak slowlier" accepted? As it is apparently the exact equivalent of "more slowly"?


"slow" is an adjective, while "slowly" is the adverb. The progression of adverbs in English is:
"more slowly"
"most slowly"

The progressive of adjectives is:
"slower" or "more slow" "slowest" or "most slow"

Unfortunately, many English speakers use "slower" as an adverb, and that's not quite correct, as in "he runs slower than she does", when the correct usage is "he is slower than she is" and "he runs more slowly than she does" The same for "slowest" "He runs slowest of all" is not quite correct, but it used anyway.


Why "Please speak more slower, I don't understand." is unacceptable? Since it is говорите, not говори, Isnt' there could be "please"?


Because that is not grammatically correct English. We can use more slowly (to describe verbs) or slower (to describe nouns)but we cannot mix the two forms.


Tell me please is the phrase "speak slowly please" totally wrong? i would translate this like "говорите медленнее, пожалуйста"...but the phrase "speak more slowly please" i would translate like "говорите помедленнее, пожалуйста"


That phrase would be wrong solely because "speak slowly" is говорить медленно, but here we have the superlative indicating that the person wants them to speak slower.


Thank you very much for your explanation!


Agree speaking needs an adverb and that is slowly - unless American English has a different rule ( or adverb!)


It's more a matter of incorrect usage; the adjectives "slow" "slower" and "slowest" are used as adverbs, when what people mean is "slowly/more slowly/most slowly". I think that's because the adverbs sound more formal and a bit too correct for colloquial speakers.


Is the stress in the imperative form of 'govorite' the same as it is in the indicative form? That is, on the 'i'?


для чего здесь more? я так понимаю медленно - slow, медленнее - slowly? зачем еще сильнее усиливать прям вот медленнее примедленнее так чтоли?


Медленно - это "slowly" , хотя некоторые носители английского говорят "slow" несмотря на то, что это наречие. медленный значит "slow" (прилагательное). Медленнее может быть или "more slowly" (наречие) или "slower" (прилагательное).


почему нельзя просто сказать speak slowly, без more?


Можно, просто это будет означать "говорите медленно", а "speak more slowly" = "говорите медленнее".


There is a sentence "поговорите с врачом" in another exercise. Can I use поговорите here?

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