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  5. "Мне нравится техника."

"Мне нравится техника."

Translation:I like technology.

November 22, 2015



I don't think "technics" is really a word in English, except as a brand name.


It isn't, it should be technology.


"technology" is for "технология"


However "technics" still is not an English word. Could you describe what "техника" is supposed to mean?


A mass noun for equipment, hardware, devices, machinery, vehicles, machines, etc.


How about hardware, then? I don't see any software in your list.


Okay, how about "gear" then? I think that or "technology" is the best compromise.


So it would translate into technology in english.


Technical devices, not software. "software" is "программное обеспечение" ("ПО"), "программные средства", "компьютерные программы".


How about "tech"? As in "I like tech".


technology is not the best word either. It really depends on the situation, though. I think the purest translation that is used more often is equipment.


Actually technology is exactly the appropriate word.


It's not. This should be corrected in the lesson and in the lesson header, which is "Technics and Home".


It is a word (from the singular "technic"), but it's incredibly outdated. That might have been an issue with the course makers, who might've had a similarly outdated dictionary.


Wiktionary lists it, having a reference to Lovecraft having used it at least once as a synonym of technique. It seems to be a very rare word in English.

The thing is that "technique" and "technology", map to "техника" and "технология", but the mapping is not perfect, as техника has multiple meanings and some of those meanings are captured in the English word "technology" (but not others, which are indeed captured by technique or the very rare word technics).

So I think that using "technology" or just "tech" is better and more natural in English here, but since we are learning Russian, one must be careful to understand that in Russian these two words do not work the same way.

Wiktionary references:




Of course, single sentences without context as in Duolingo have many translations. "I like the technique" seems like a valid translation of the isolated sentence (maybe, say, a dance or piano teacher judging a student performance?), although it does not quite match the theme of the rest of the lecture, which suggest "tech" is intended.


I swear I did this question twice in a single practice run


Me too, I even managed to get it wrong the second time


Sometimes that happens.


So what's really going on is we're arguing over a word that is not proper English. No wonder we don't know what technics should translate to. I bet no one knows what "|dotonno" translates to either. That is because it is gibberish. "Technics is a brand name of the Panasonic Corporation, a company that produces a variety of electronic products." It was made up by Panasonic.


When should one use мне нравится as opposed to я люблю?


I agree with Alf. This skill should be called "Technology and Home".


"мне нравится текника" yeah, it's wrong...... how can one use Duo learn to spell correctly if Duo doesn't draw attention to "typos". You threw that little help away. It is ON SOME (I think the older stuff) but not on others. It makes Duo less attractive. Dont bother down arrowing, I ususlly remove my dummy spits after a week or three

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