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"Él es el gobernador de Texas."

Translation:He is the governor of Texas.

November 22, 2015



And he will be back!!!


Su nombre es Bush

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Su nomber es Abbott.

W. Bush left the governorship office in 2000.


Sounds like "x" in Spanish makes an English "h" sound. Is this correct?


Sometimes. In names like Mexico, Oaxaca and Texas (I don't know if it's because they come from indigenous American languages or because names retain older spellings), it's an "h" sound. More often it's "ks" or "s".


DuoLingo usually pronounces Mexico with the "ks" version. I was taught to use the "h" style in both "Mehico" and "Tehas." Is one way preferred over another?


Yes. Mehico is much more common. In fact, Meksico is not accepted by the Real Academy of Spanish and (as a Spanish speaker myself) I've never heard anybody using Meksico.

If there are Spanish speakers who use Meksiko...its an extremely minority.

I always reported this records anytime I found them. I hope they changed as soon as possible.


Growing up (as a Texan) I always went with "Mehico" and "Tay-hass" when saying these places in Spanish. After living in Costa Rica for three months, I've been told that people say "Teck-SAS". It's most likely a difference in regional pronunciation.


I dont think in any spanish dialect the x in México is pronounced /ks/. There's only /h/. (or /x/ if you know IPA)


Es Tejas en espanol.


This is wrong. The translation should be 'He is the Texas Governor' not 'He is Texas Governer'.


Yup; there was a typo in one of the alternate translations. It's all fixed now. =)


Haga de esto la República de Texas, por favor.


Consigase al hacha!


I've had a lot of problems with 'Texas' in Spanish... I'm from Texas, and I have worked in Costa Rica for three months now (as of Nov. 15, 2017). Growing up, I always heard 'Texas' pronounced in Spanish as "TAY-hass" because of the history of the state ("Los tejanos"). When I got down here to Costa Rica, most people say "Teck-SAS" with the English X.


I translated it to "He is the Texas governor," which is an acceptable alternative of "He is the governor of Texas." However, it said that my answer was incorrect and corrected it to "He is the Texa's governor." LOL I got really angry, but then I just started laughing.

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