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  5. "хорошая возможность"

"хорошая возможность"

Translation:a good opportunity

November 22, 2015



Возможность also translates to possibility, so I thought, "a good chance" as in "There's a good chance I'm wrong." Thoughts?


In that case it won't really work. For such a context it makes more sense to use "вероятность" or simply "шанс".


So возможность is женский?


I think as a general rule of thumb, all words ending with ость are feminine (or at least most of them).


хорошая возможность because of the "ая " - is возможность a feminine noun?


Yes. A lot of (but not all) nouns ending in ь are feminine.


Since "possibility" is offered as a translation for возможность, could this mean "a good possibility" as in "it's likely"? For example, "while they have not announced a new manager yet, there's a good possibility it will be me."


Why is it saying an article is needed? Since there's no articles in russian, wouldn't "good opportunity" and "a good opportunity" and "the good opportunity" all be translated the same?


Especially annoying since sometimes these adjective+noun combos are translated without the article in this course.


"good opportunity" is now being accepted as well


these are some very long words @.@


возможность has exactly the same length as opportunity. I'm sure you could even desconstruct the Russian word to make it easier to remember (which you can not in English). Seems related to можно?


Everyone pokes fun at German and Dutch for having long words, (e.g., German "Naturwissenschaft," or Dutch "bezienswaardigheid"), but I've seen some long Russians words for some simple things (to be located at: расположенный; only: единственный).


There has to be a more shorthand way to say this. If I was a football player and wanted to say a teammate had a good opportunity to score, would I say entirely this sentence or is there an easier way?


'A good chance' should certainly be accepted, disgrace!


"A nice opportunity" fails, although in other places translating хорошо to nice is accepted...


Why not "A beautiful opportunity" could it be translated like that as well?


@MasqueArt - I think "beautiful" is too strong of a translation there. Maybe for "otlichnaya" or "zamechatelnaya".


Dear DL staff. I like DL and I keep learning but now the time has come to get rid of my frustration. I am a BEGINNER in Russian language and I want to get to know the words. My frustration? Why the voices in this course (only in Russian) purposely pronouce the words so that they may be understood by native speakers or advanced learners? I understand that this company is in the US. You do not use speakers with slang e.g. Southerners in the English course so that only American folks can understand them? Is this educational? I am miles away from understanding a Russian man in the street! The man I hear in this course sounds as if he is loaded with kilograms of wodka (no offense, I mean the voice) und very hard to understand for me as a beginner. I also learn in other DL courses. Why is it only in Russian that the speakers provide to me so many difficulties in listening? There is only one more, a female speaker in Latin? Why do I not hear a clear xopo-shAYA instead of a swallowed ending? Later, when I will be more advanced, I will be eagerly ready to learn swallowed syllables but at the moment they only increase my frustrations from phrase to phrase.


Opportunity. Это слово используется, когда обстоятельства складываются таким образом, что вы легко можете получить то, что хотели. В русском языке мы можем сказать, что это удобный случай сделать что-либо. Например, солнечная погода – это отличная возможность провести время на природе. IIt was a rare opportunity to see how ordinary people lived.

Possibility. Мы используем это слово, когда говорим про вероятность сделать или попробовать что-то. То есть мы говорим о вероятности того, что что-то случится или произойдет при определенных условиях. Но мы не можем сказать точно, что так и будет. Например, у фирмы есть возможность последующего расширения. We could not ignore the possibility of an enemy attack.

Chance Ситуация, в которой есть возможность сделать что-то приятное, захватывающие или что-то, что вы давно хотели. Например, вы давно хотели побывать за границей, и вот, наконец, вам выпал такой шанс. You will have the chance to meet the star of the show.

Слова opportunity и chance могут заменять друг друга.

Источник: https://easyspeak.ru/blog/v-chem-raznica-mezhdu/v-chem-raznica-mezhdu-opportunity-possibility-i-chance

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