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  5. "İlkbahar bir mevsimdir."

"İlkbahar bir mevsimdir."

Translation:Spring is a season.

November 22, 2015



Similar to Malay "Musim" because both of it derived from Arabic ٌمَوْسِم (Mausim/Mawsim). Just like "Hayvan" where Malay call it as "Haiwan" which from Arabic ٌحَيَوَان (Hayawa:n)

I love languages! Dil çok severim!


The similarity between Arabic and Turkish are amazing -- especially Syrian dialect, considering geographic proximity. We use many Turkish words in Syria because of the Ottoman empire, and they use many Arabic words because of Islamic influence!


Indeed, this three-word sentence is ripe with loanwords! The first, "İlkbahar" comes from the Persian word for Spring, "bahar" (بهار). The ilk is Turkish, meaning "first" so it translates literally into English as "First Spring." This makes sense when you think about how the more common word for "Fall/Autumn" in Turkish used to be the word "sonbahar" which literally translates as "Last Spring." However, I believe that this was superceded by "güz." Source


Spring is one season is incorrect?! just difference between a and one?


Is the -dir suffix required in this case, or is it optional? Thank you.


It's optional but if you use it seems like a little bit more formal

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