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  5. "Les chiens sont blancs."

"Les chiens sont blancs."

Translation:The dogs are white.

January 8, 2013



Is there a differece in pronunciation of my wrong answer 'les chiennes sont blanches.'?



Go to Google Translate.com and type in chiens, chiennes. Then hit the speaker button in the lower right corner of the dialog box and listen for the clearly pronounced n in chiennes. Duo's n in chiennes takes a little more effort distinguish but when it isn't there you know it is masculine chien.


Their is a slight difference in "les chiens" and "les chiennes"; the first one ends with a more "ong"-like sound whereas the feminine form ends with a more "enn" sound. Also, they must be male dogs because blanc would become blanche (the first one ending with a "ong"-like or "onc" sound, whereas the feminine forms ends in an "onsh" sound).

'may have posted this comment too many times now, but as jeffers86 said: "meh..."


If you have a "type what you hear" exercise, then it may only be "les chiens sont blancs". If you are translating from the English, it may be either 1) les chiens sont blancs (or) 2) les chiennes sont blanches.


"Les chiens sont blonds" sounds exactly the same, but it is not accepted. Of course, blancs makes more sense, but meh....


blanc/white makes more sense but pets are sometimes called "blond" since it's a hair/fur color so it should be accepted (in english you can say "blond cat" for the orange/golden colored cats)


I agree that her pronunciation is not top-notch and sounds a bit between "blancs" and "blonds", however they are not exactly the same when well pronounced. "an" is a nasal "a" and "on" a nasal "o".


what's the difference between "blanc" and "blanche"?


"blanc" is masculine and "blanche" is feminine


Audibly they are different so blanc sounds more like 'k' at the end so it would sound like ' blawnk' but the other one (blanche) 'blarnsh' when spoken. Also first is singular masculime and the other is singular feminine.


What is difference between “blanc”, “blancs”, “blanche”, “blanches”. Kindly please explain.

  • Blanc is masculine, singular
  • blancs is masculine, plural
  • blanche is feminine, singular
  • blanches is feminine, plural


Duolingo is bei g raisit

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It should permit an answer without the article. Although the meaning is different in English, the French version with an article is the translation whether or not there is a definite article in English.

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