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"Yo habría dirigido la biblioteca."

Translation:I would have managed the library.

November 27, 2013



A little bit of Spanish txt-spk for you: in a children's library in Colombia, I saw "biblioteca" written "bibliotk". The letters t and k are pronounced just like "teca". Before I saw this sign I always had difficulty remembering how the letter k was pronounced in Spanish.


I thought a translation for dirigido was 'have arranged'?

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According to my dictionary, "dirigir" usually means more of "to run/manage/direct". http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=dirigir

Btw, the I have a profile pic because I synced my facebook account with Duolingo, so it uses my facebook pic, idk how else to get a profile pic. Good luck!


I use Duolingo on my phone (that way I do not have to type my answers, just take into the mic, in both languages). Anyway, all my pics are on my iPhone, so I just updated my profile with a picture on my phone.


"Ellas habrían dirigido el pays" -- "dirigido = headed" was refused, and "guided" was suggested. Now guided is rejected and it "headed" is suggested. Go figure!


Surely this should be "manejado" as "dirigido" means directed?


Dirigir has quite a few meanings:


Just because manejar is cognate with manage doesn't make it automatically better.

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