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"Ho avuto un incidente sul lavoro."

Translation:I had an accident on the job.

November 22, 2015



I had an accident at work, was accepted 11/7/16


I'm not a native English speaker, but what does that mean? and how is it different from "I had an accident at work"?


"I had an accident on the job" seems like a strange usage to me. I think "I had an accident at work" is what's meant.


Funny, I said "I had an incident at work" but when I saw "I had an accident on the job" in the discussion, I thought "oh, that sounds more reasonable..." :)


"I had an accident on the job." is perfectly acceptable English, especially if one's work is physical in nature, but yes, "I had an accident at work." is also acceptable.


It wasn't accepted.


Report it next time you see it, then.


If you visit Britain, say, "I had an accident at work." "I had an accident on the job" can mean, "I had an accident on the toilet" or "I had an accident while having intercourse."


"accident on the job" and "accident at work" mean about the same thing - an accident which occurred while working. One thing to be aware of: on American TV, being "on the job" means being a police officer. I don't know if that actually is true in reality.

Usually, things happen "at work" rather than "on the job".


Actually any time one is working, it can be referred to as "on the job" though it is more common with blue collar jobs.


I put "I had an on the job accident". Rejected


"On the job" can mean a couple of things in British English aside from being used by tradesmen when they're on their work site. Having sexy time or using the toilet are quite common. Let's hope duo didn't have an accident there...


Um, "on the job" has a very different meaning to the one given. Is a euphemism for having sex/making love, so this could raise some eyebrows or cause a lot of hilarity in England.


I tried to report it but it would only let me report the Italian. In British English I had an accident on the job means I had an accident whilst having sex! I had an accident at work is much better.


Wouldn't "whilst having sex" be more idiomatic in use?


Why is it sul lavoro and not al lavoro? To me su implies that one's sort of physically on top of something, like "on the bridge" (sul ponte).


Please never say that you had an accident 'on the job' in England. It will definitely get the wrong reaction. (If you mean an accident at work then say that you had an accident at work)


Nasty! (am i the only one to think 'on the job' means something else?!)


what's wrong with labour accident


I wonder why in this case it has to be sul lavoro and not al lavoro. Can anyone explain the difference?


i have had a workplace accident


"at work" is accepted 28/12/18


Haha, I think you were maybe doing it wrong, Duo ;). ('On the job' is a euphemism for sex in UK English.)


If I wanted to use British slang, having an accident on the job would probably refer to a burst condom!!


Insurance companies in the US actually ask if your claim is caused by an "accident on the job". The private companies want Workman's Comp Insurance to pay for it instead of individual insurance.


"at work" is a much better way of saying this. "on the job" is a colloquial term in British English to mean having a poo, or having sex.


Wjy not at the work instead of on the job?


Why not "at the work"


On the job? Is work not allowed as lavoro


I had an accident at work?


this implies a manual job whereas it could be something that happened at work say an office


I had a work accident?


I had a work accident?


I wonder why in this case it has to be sul und nicht al lavoro


I used work instead of job...is that wrong


'On the job' has a very specific meaning in English. This sentence should read 'I had an accident at work'.


a subtle answer! non native English speakers should be aware it has sexual connotations....


Where? This is a very common expression in American English. It means to "be at work doing my usual business." "John was injured on the job." has no sexual context in American English.


"Workplace accident" replaces "accident on the job" in any formal context.


In UK English, we'd usually say "at work" rather than "on the job". The latter used to be the customary idiom, but it was appropriated long ago as a cheeky, very British euphemism for being engaged in sexual congress, as in "I walked in while they were on the job", or "he died on the job". So, now to say "I had an accident on the job" in the UK would arouse giggles, smiles, or funny looks. The phrase featured in the titles of several porn movies from the 1970s (e.g., "Nurses on the Job").

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