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  5. "Bor han i min region?"

"Bor han i min region?"

Translation:Does he live in my region?

November 22, 2015



Would it be more natural to say ''bor han i min område?'' I mean region isn't incorrect but if I think like, is the burglar in the area? and etc. Would a Dane be more likely to say region or area in an example like that? Kind of nitpicking but I am curious.


It would be much more natural to say Bor han i mit område? unless you're specifically referring to one of the Regions (Wikipedia link).


But "does he live in my area?" would be much more common in English too. So maybe this is just a very uncommon question in both languages.


'Bor han i miT område?' would be a more commonly heard, but 'region' isn't wrong. Although there is no 'size-definition', most people would think of an area (område) as being smaller than a region. If you want to know if the man lives inside a quite large part of the country, the word 'landsdel', which means part of the country, would be the most natural word. Besides, if you ask 'Bor han i min region?' a Dane would most likely think of the 5 local authorities in Denmark, who runs the health service systems in the geographical areas each one of them is responsible for. So implicitly the question could be interpreted as a question of which health service system he 'belongs' to.

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