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"Soccer is a very popular sport in Turkey."

Translation:Futbol Türkiye'de çok popüler bir spor.

November 22, 2015



can türkiye'de go in front?


I think I'm slowly getting on how Turkish word order works. At first I put 'Türkiye'de' in front, but I just feel it doesn't really right. So I put it in the second place after 'Futbol'. It turns out to be the prefer translation. :D

Truly, Türkçe çok güzel bir dil! Günden güne* Türkçe'yi daha seviyorum. :D

*I literally translate it from "From day to day" or "Day by day". Haha. XD


doesn't popular mean unlu?


"Soccer is a very popular sport in Turkey." Translation: Futbol Türkiye'de çok popüler bir spor.


Türkiye'de futbol çok popüler bir spor.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

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