while i can have access to the next lesson in the computer ı cant see the next lesson in my phone. what should I do? ı even redownloaded the programme but still it does not work

November 27, 2013


I moved this thread into the troubleshooting section (and deleted the new thread). We can keep this conversation here. A few questions! On the phone- does the next lesson become active, but you can't click on it or is it still marked as locked? What are you seeing on the screen?

Are you using the app via wifi? What ISP are you using?

Well I am using my own data internet connection or sometimes wifi it differs but nothing changs. It never becomes active i finish a lesson but the next one is never unlocked so I stay stucked in a lesson until I enter from computer and pass the lesson I passed before again

Can you try something? Change your Duolingo notification settings (for example: turn off email notifications) and leave the app completely (hit the back button). Start the app again and then check your settings and let me know if the changes you made stuck. Thank you!

Well I have tried that and it is stuck too. When I reopened it the change I made was as if it had not been made. Nothing changed I mean

Thanks for checking! So this confirms that there's an internet/proxy issue. We can make an update in the near future that makes this better. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do right now.

what is your phone model?

samsung galaxy s2

This should be in the Troubleshooting section..

Thnx a lot for sharing:) it helped me:)

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