"I do not understand the lecture."

Translation:Я не понимаю лекцию.

November 22, 2015

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Почему нельзя сказать: я лекцию не понимаю. Или так ответить правильно тоже?


It should be fine. The course is still in beta so there are still many correct translations that haven't been added yet. If you find that your correct translation is not accepted, report it using the "Report a Problem" button.


I agree. This sounds like a more likely sentence, in my opinion.

(And it's still not accepted, four years later.)


"лекцию", just like latin "lectio". Cool!


I thought that in a negative sentence the object must be in genitive, лекции in stead лекцию, which is accusative if i'm not mistaken


Good question ! I'm expecting an answer


Не засчитан перевод "Я не понимаю ЭТУ лекцию". Хотя и этот вариант правильный.


На мой взгляд ваш вариант не правильный. Предложение «Я не понимаю эту лекцию можно лучше перевести так: «I do not understand THIS lecture»


Мой вариант точно правильный для данного предложения (наравне с "Я не понимаю лекцию"), т.к. там есть определенный артикль the, т.е. мы говорим о конкретной лекции. Но английский вариант с this также правильный, конечно.


Я понимаю лекцию


Why "Я" can't be dropped here?


I feel like that would be a more shorthand version of the sentence which should be technically correct, "не понимаю лекцию". Since you have the понимаю, it indicates that "I" am thinking this.


Why include 'эта' in the hints? I only included it thinking Duo would mark me wrong for not using it... Turns out it doesn't want it. Frustrating


я не понимаю урока - inccorect?


Can somebody please explain why not лекций? because it is a negative sentence i thought the correct answer would be in genitive case... help


"Лекций" is plural genitive. Singular genitive would be "лекции". You could say "я не понимаю лекции" but that sounds a bit old fashioned. Not all negative sentences require the genitive case. Expressions like "there's no X" and "I don't have X" do require it, but in instances like "I don't understand X", "I don't see X", "I don't want X" and so on, the genitive is optional and, as I said, slightly dated. It's a slow process but the accusative is replacing it in such situations in modern Russian.


Is я really needed in this sentence?


You can omit it without losing the meaning, but it's less common among native speakers. We tend to keep the pronouns in such sentences (but at the same time we tend to avoid repeating the same pronoun too often, so if you have already used "я" in a previous sentence/clause it would be more acceptable to drop it here)


Why is the following answer marked wrong : Я лекцию не понимаю


It's not wrong but it's not neutral either. It suggests some kind of emphasis or emotion. For example if you were really exasperated, or if you wanted to stress the "я" ("don't know about you, guys, but I don't understand it"), or something else, depending on your tone and the context.

If you say it in a neutral tone it would simply sound weird.


One word came in by mistake.

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