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  5. "Раздевайтесь!"


Translation:Take off your coat!

November 22, 2015



A very important word (or phrase) to know in any language.


Lmao two lingots for this.


It's not incorrect, but in Russian "раздевайтесь" is said when people come inside from the cold, to take off their coats, scarves, hats, etc. In English, "take off your clothes," has sexual implications like "get naked." That's the problem with this translation.


Thank you for this, as it will help me avoid some truly awkward situations.

But I am a little disappointed now...


Ah, thank you for that clarification! The only implication I could think of, other than a sexual one, was some sort of medical examination - but even then, it would be a bit abrupt. At the doctor's, "Please undress" would be much more likely than: "Take off your clothes". In the UK, you might say to somebody coming in from bad weather: "Take off your (wet) things!", or just: "Let me take your coat", rather than: "Take off your clothes!". "The latter would sound as if you meant: "Get naked!", so you'd probably use the wonderfully vague and all-purpose: "things", which would be understood as outdoor things.


Bristol Tina, same in the US :-)


This is when visuals would help. Duolingo?


why is "take off your clothes" considered wrong WHEN IT IS ONE THE TRANSLATIONS GIVEN BY DUOLINGO ? How can we know know when to translate by COATS (or coat) and not by clothes ? it is not clear at all and my translation should be accepted ! I will report it anyway.


Раздевайтесь! means literally "Undress!" in the imperative tense. "Take off your clothes," is not wrong. It's correct as a translation for example when you're being examined by a doctor. But when you arrive at a Russian home or office, and the person greeting you says "Раздевайтесь!" he is telling you to take off your coat, jacket, scarf, earmuffs, gloves, hat, etc., essentially to "make yourself comfortable." He is not telling you to take off your clothes. That's the difference.


many thanks. this clarifies everything. i will not make this mistake any more ( unless intentionally !) hahaha !


Is "Take your clothes off" incorrect?


It should be OK, in my opinion. There is a bit of an old-fashioned "rule", in English, about not splitting the infinitive. Here, the infinitive is "to take off", not just "to take". So there is an argument that "take" and "off" should always stay together as if they were joined, not have intervening words. By the same principle, Star Trek's famous: "to boldly go" would be wrong! But the so-called "rule" is not rigorously observed these days, and, in some cases, will even make your English sound quite weird. So I think your translation is fine. If it wasn't accepted, submit an error report next time.


I think in this case it's more about the "rule" (also a non-existent rule) of not ending a sentence with a preposition. It should definitely be accepted though, these are not real English rules at all.


Please FIX these sentences. One translation you have "take your coat off", the other is "get undressed". At least allow both instances instead of marking them wrong. How are we supposed to know ??? Nothing is implied differently.


Снимайте свое пальто


I can here saxophones in the distance...


We do have a common phrase in English, "Take off your things," typically for removing your outdoor wear, and not so much implying becoming stark naked, but not specifically limited to coats, that seems more suitably ambiguous to capture the meaning of раздевайтесь. Not accepted 2/28/20, but shouldn't it be??

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