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norwegian for physicians?

hello everyone! :)

i am looking for books or web pages which deal with norwegian for physicians. unfortunately, i did not found any yet. they can be either in english or in german.

thank you very much for your recommendations!

kati :)

November 22, 2015



These are all I could find, and are both quite dated (the format more than the language).
They're from a discontinued university course for foreign medical personnel:

Norwegian for foreign nurses
Kurs i norsk for utendlandske medisinstudenter

If you already have a basic understanding of Norwegian, your best bet might be to seek books meant for Norwegian med students. There is also Store medisinske leksikon, which contains short articles on anatomy, medical conditions, bodily functions, etc.


thank you all very much for your answers :)


This is kind of a wacky suggestion, but you might try looking for instructions (IFUs) to medical devices from major suppliers. A product heavily marketed in Europe should have translations available, useful at least for the sake of learning terminology. Norwegian isn't the most common, but it's up there. (For reference: my job used to be managing such projects, but unfortunately I don't think I can just pass those documents along... however, they should be publicly available online, with some careful Googling.)


I think there aren't very many textbooks in Norwegian for medical students. "Dagens Medisin" is news directed at health professionals, the web issue is free of charge. Otherwise the Directorate of Health (www.helsedirektoratet.no) has a lot of content on their site aimed at professionals. There are other pages aimed at the general public (helsenorge.no).

If you plan to work in Norway, it would depend on your workplace (primary care or hospitals) how much you would be able to rely on Latin terms when writing and speaking, it also seems to vary depending on what speciality the doctor has.

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