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  5. "Das würde ich nie vergessen."

"Das würde ich nie vergessen."

Translation:I would never forget that.

November 27, 2013



I am having difficulty in deciphering the sound of werde and würde.


Why "I would never forget it" not accepted?


The e in werde is close to an Ä, pronounciationwise, like the e in error for example. Ü is a sound you cannot find in the English language. But to pronounce it you have to form an 'O' with your mouth whereas to pronounce an 'e' you make a broader/wider (?) expression with your mouth.


What is the difference between "vergessen" and "vergeben"?


vergessen = to forget

vergeben = to forgive

These words have a similar meaning in some contexts, but not always. There is a difference between "The mother forgives her son" and "The mother forgets her son", for example.

[deactivated user]

    We can't say "Ich würde das nie vergessen, can we?


    You can. The positions of ‘das’ and ‘ich’ are interchangeable here.


    Is there a reason that "not" is different from "never" as in "I would not forget that."?


    Never forget ("nie vergessen") implies time frame and permanence ("I will never forget" = "I will remember that forever") whereas not forgetting (nicht vergessen) could imply only remembering in that immediate instance and doesn't have the same context of this being a permanent memory.


    In das würde ich nie vergessen can i say translate it as this i will never forget?

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