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Sepdek tagoj, dek kvara rango, kaj fininta ora arbo...

Hit by a sudden burst of inspiration tonight, I finished the last three skills in the tree and racked up 370 XP... and hit level 14 exactly at the end of the tree, on day 70 of my streak. (been on here for a few days longer than that while traveling, but streak freezes are useful. ...especially for having a goal of 50 XP per day.) It's been a good couple months, and now I'll keep the tree gold and continue practicing Esperanto as I move onto Spanish and then... probably Russian? After that, who knows...

I met an Esperantist a few months ago, who reminded me that the language exists. I read about Esperanto at a museum 8-10 years ago, but never got around to learning it. And I'd heard of Duolingo a year or two ago, but wasn't particularly interested in any of the languages on here then. (Back when there were only like three or four... now there's over 20 languages on Duolingo to learn, with more in the incubator!) I spent my elementary school years learning Spanish (not by choice), and then did a little bit of Ancient Greek (which I'm REALLY hoping comes to the incubator eventually, because I keep thinking about getting back into it). Once I found out Duolingo had Esperanto, I started here that day.

So last night I was at a party and the topic of languages came up, so of course I started talking about Esperanto--of the three people I was talking to, only one had heard of it, but he had never heard it spoken, so I got to remedy that. It's exciting to realize you can process the rules and come up with something that seems reasonably grammatically correct. So, yay languages, and onto the next one! (Spanish, because I've decided I may as well finish learning it since I still remember a lot of random vocab from when I was younger... which was useful when I got to, say, days of the week in Esperanto.)

November 22, 2015


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