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  5. "My older son"

"My older son"

Translation:Мій старший син

November 22, 2015



miy starshiy sin-why is no correct Question: I(i) in word miy is but in word: strashyy is not.


I'm not sure how they do transliteration in this course, but if I had to guess it would И=Y and I=І

So it should've been "Miy starshyy syn".

And I would really recommend abandoning Latin script, with your level 10 you should be more than ready for Cyrillic unless there is some technical issue that prevents you to do so


"You are not sure"... But You answered me. Thnx


It shall be "My elder son". Older = more old, in this case it is suggested like older than the speaker (there is no other person to compare with), which is obviously a nonsense.

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