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students testing out of skills

Hi-I have a few students that have tested out of skills to earn a large amount of XP. For example one student took a test that earned them 900XP on one test. They are beginners so I am pretty sure they are using another tool to help them at home. Does duolingo allow users to test out of all skills or is there a limit? Thank you

November 22, 2015



Hi Ginette, My students have recently discovered that they can start a test online, then go offline and type anything, then go back online for the last question and collect heaps of points. I am looking for a way to identify when they are doing it, or stopping it all together. Will let you know how I go.


thank you very much-I am sure they are not being honest. I would appreciate any information you may have. Will your findings be posted here and then I can view it in my e-mail?


I myself have had some issues with friends cheating on tests to look like they know a lot. The only way to stop this is to maybe watch them take the tests. (You could also look at what classes they take and then test them on the info learnt in the lesson. That might teach them a lesson if they don't know the info).


You just have to test them and punish them for what they have done. Tell there parents maybe. Do something so they wont do it again.

What is even more important is, tell them and remember this, THEY ARE ONLY CHEATING THEMSELVES.


You can take unlimited skills to test out of, there is no number of what you can skip. The only way it stops is if you run out of tests to skip.

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