"my path"

Translation:мой путь

November 22, 2015



as I know the word "path" may be translated as "тропинка, дорожка, путь", so мой путь is not the only correct solution. i am Russian, and i'd like to know how my native language will be taught


So how exactly does this work? my native language is English, and Ive been using dualingo for a bit now, and ive been thinking im getting the hang of the russian language, at least somewhat. however seeing as you said, there are 3 different ways to say it, even using the same context.. which confuses me, like lets say ive learned the 6 variations for all the words and I attempt to engage conversation with a Russian speaker, they use a different variation (like you listed above) and I have no idea what they said.. I also looked on quizlet for flashcards and such, and each set of flash cards (made from different people) had different translations for the same phrases (in english) if im making sense trying to get my point across.. like I saw 3 different ways of saying "hello how are you" excluding formal and informal they were veerryy different.. Which leaves me lost, is Dualingo teaching everything I need to know? or?..


i'm ready to help you to understand misterious russian, but as i know english language also has different ways


You are right, the english language does haha. forgive me I was tired and was getting all confused and such with the language thinking "one letter totally changed the word but the pronunciation is so close!.. The next day I thought to myself "okay.. well so does the English language with many words" examples being "car" and "care" two totally different words haha, made me a lot more understanding of all this and gave me patience. Taking breaks helps.. hahah


Well, I think that is going to be a tough one, the way I see it is that these words she mentioned are synonims, and all languages(Or most) have them; Eg. In spanish you can translate "Path" to Vereda, Camino, Senda, Via. And they all mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably, so, although the most common to use is Camino, and the others sound like something an elder would say, they are still used by some people and on artistic compositions(Songs, Books, etc.). IMO it is the same with all these mentioned.


Way, destiny, trail, walkway, track...

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The title of the autobiography of the president of Russia, no doubt.


Anyone know why path isn't feminine? I thought all nouns ending in ь were feminine. Is there a list of exceptions somewhere that we can memorize?


Commenting in order to be notified if someone replies. Just wrote "Моя путь" answer.


No, apparently most (70%) of nouns ending with ь are feminine and the others masculine. That's what the notes as well as the admins say.


Does this have to mean path as in a literal path that you walk on to arrive at a destination, or can it mean a figurative path, like where you're going in life?


It means both, as in English


I typed in "мои пут" to google translate. Looks i'll be avoiding this word from my Russian vocabulary.


Why not маршрут


Can this also be translated as "путь мой"?


As I understand, it would mean "the path is mine" instead of "my path"


This is a "form the phrase" exercise. Not all the correct translations should be available.


If that's a reply to me, IIRC I tried entering "путь мой" and it wasn't accepted. I don't know what limits what I can put in as an answer, but perhaps this question is asked in different forms to different people at different times (or on different platforms). In any event, I was hoping to learn if that word order was valid Russian (regardless of the exercise), and if so, what the difference/nuance is.


Then it seems this is not the discussion forum for the same exercise: I came here from an exercise where you cant enter enything: you choose words from a list of words and form a phrase


I think you might be right about the form of the question, at least on the mobile app. (Although, I've never seen that form of question on the web version --- I'm under the impression that these questions become free-form on the web version.)


There are often several different questions with the same answer: for example, translate from English, type what you hear, and multiple choice type questions. They all link to the same discussion forum, so it's best not to assume that all the comments relate to the same question.


Anyway, originally I was answering to fresh.learner. But anyway, you helped me understand the problem here. Thanks AlphaEtaPi.


When replying to a comment, be sure to hit the "reply" button under the comment so it's clear what you're referring to. As well this will notify the person to whom you're replying.

As someone with as many flags next to their name as you, I'd figure you know this already :p


I take note of the mistake. Surely It did not bother anyone and it did not bother me either.


What's the difference between мой and моя?


Мой is masculine and моя is feminine.


It ends with ь, why not моя путь?


Nouns ending with "-ь" can be either feminine or masculine. "Путь" is masculine.

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