"Здесь дворец."

Translation:There is a palace here.

November 22, 2015

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Can't "дворец" mean castle?


Дворец is palace, castle is за́мок. Castle may be a palace (?) but they are different words.


This is funny! In Polish dworzec is a train station.


Why is "There is palace here." the correct answer? For which reason we need the "here"? I'm not a native English person which is why i may not understand this. Could anyone please explain it to me? Thank you :)


"Here" is the translation of "здесь".

"There is" is a language structure in English that denotes the existence of something. An English sentence can't work without a verb, so it's needed here even if Russian easily omits the "есть", which would technically correspond to "there is".


A translation which is nearer the russian original would be "Here is a palace."


I think that would be closer to the translation of 'вот дворец'.


But it seems too unnatural imo. By google there are only twenty instances of "there is a palace here", and the top result is on Duolingo. The others seem to be written by non-native speakers mostly. Among twenty, only accetaple one imo is "there is a palace here in (a place name).".

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What is a difference between "over there/here" and "there/here" in the last part of sentences?


I'm confused, I only got to this "There Is" lesson and how will I know if it starts with a 'there is'? As far as I have learned, this only means "The castle is here". What am I missing? If a directional comes first that how I can assume that it is a there-is sentence?


is "дворец здесь" also a valid translation for this? If so does the word order place an emphasis on a certain word?


"дворец здесь" is more like "The palace is here". Emphasis goes to the thing being here. In the original sentence, emphasis goes to the fact that here is a palace (not just a house).


And to say here is the palace, would be вот дворец?


Yes, "here is the palace" would be "вот дворец". And you can translate your choice as "здесь дворец" as well.


"Oh didn't notice that"


This is so confusing to me because dvorac (дворец) is castle in my language.
I thought learning Russian is going to be super easy but all these "traps" are giving me headaches. Next language I learn is going to be something as different as possible. :D


Hehe. -- I love to see coincidences and differences between the different languages. My native language German. Additional languages in school English, French (my favourite), Latin and Russian -- all of them more than 50 years ago. Later on I learned knowledges in Esperanto, Netherlands, Italian, Czech, Danish amd Spanish. And I think to learn languages best is to visit the country and to speak with the people in their language without fear of making mistakes.


Hi, what is the difference between дворец и дворце? Пожалуйста.

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"Дворец" means just "a/the palace". If you need to marke a palace as the place where some action takes place you need to use "дворце" (She lives AT A PALACE - Она живет ВО ДВОРЦЕ).


what is the difference between дворце and дварец ?


Could 'здесь дворец' be translated as 'it is a palace here !' ?


Why not "здесь это дворец"? What's the difference without это?


"Это" doesn't really make any sense here.


Это means "this is" so saying "здесь это дворец" would mean "here this the castle." If you want to say "this castle" "этот дворец" can be used


Can this sentence mean both: "There is a palace here" and "The palace is here"? Because in english these two sentences have quite different meanings.


Yes, it can mean both. If you want a more clear distinction in Russian then "There is a palace here" would be "Здесь есть дворец" and "The palace is here" would be "Дворец здесь". "Здесь дворец" is kind of in-between and depends on context and/or intonation.


There > is a palace < Here. . There > you go. Here < you go. There is not here and here is not there. Where is this all going. Neither here nor there, but where?


Yup, English is odd (so are other languages; do not panic just yet). There is starts a sentence that expresses existence.


2021/04/05 why not; this place


place = место
pAlace = дворец


Where do I use Дворец or Дворце?

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