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  5. "Кафе Том." etc ?


"Кафе Том." etc ?

Russian First Lesson, a multiple choice for "This is Tom."

I do not understand the "wrong" choices:

  • Где Том. => It looks like Where is Tom, but it ends with a period?

  • Кафе Том. => Is this a coffee named Tom? A cafe named Tom? Is this a sentence?

  • Это Том. => Ok, this is Tom, and it does make a sentence.

Modified to add:

ANSWER (as given by others below): The incorrect answers are often poorly formed and incorrect, and should be ignored. {@style=color:DarkGreen;background-color:wheat;border:2px solid red;}

November 22, 2015



In the multiple choice exercises, usually only the correct answer(s) are grammatically correct. Usually, the incorrect answers appear to be random words put together to make a nonsensical sentence.


Good point; I had forgotten that the Spanish ones are often poorly formed. (But they also use a lot of vosotros forms, which duoLingo doesn't teach, so I paid no attention to them.)


I wonder how many correct answers they think there are to that one, because there are parts of the English speaking world where two of those are fine.


In general, I don't recommend expecting the incorrect sentences to be correct - as far as I know they're computer generated and random. Sometimes they might make sense, but it's a coincidence.


All three are grammatically correct. 1. Где Том. = Where Tom is. Like a short answer to "Where is Tom's sister?" 2. Кафе Том = Cafe Tom. Coffee = кофе (a weird case of a word, ending with E, being masculine) 3. You already figured that out.


You actually answered your own questions. Second one is 'cafe tom', if you haven't figured that one out yet. :)

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