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  5. "Şu küçük, bunlar büyük."

"Şu küçük, bunlar büyük."

Translation:That is small, these are big.

November 22, 2015



I'm german, i dont understand the difference between şu, bu, sunlar and bunlar... can someone explain?


bu - this, şu - that. bunlar - these şunlar - those


Why you didn't use ARBEAK


(Şu/Şunlar) in turkish are similar to (Das) in german, and (Bu/Bunlar) are similar to (Dies) , but turkish (just like English) diffrentiate Das (for singular) from Das (for plural) ...

In other words, you can say:

Bu= This = Dies (ist)

Bunlar = These = Dies (sind)

Şu = That = Das (ist)

Şunlar = Those = Das (sind)

I hope that my comment was helpful


Şu means that Bu means this Şunlar means those Bunlar means these


Can the response here be "those are small, these are big" or does the response have to be "this is small, these are big"?


no, that would be "şunlar küçük, bunlar büyük"


Ah, thank you! I'm learning (slowly)... Think I'm finally starting to recognize the different parts of words.


Thanks for asking.. Shukran!


that is small these are big


no it mean another thing,because when i typed it, it was wrong, really


Not that much you just have to look closely and understand it anyone who is having trouble just study it a little more and you will get it some times it just takes more time for others to get it dome people like me learn it fast and reconize it when they see it it took me a 1 lesson to reconize it my friend took 1 week to solve it so its ok if you dont know just study a little bit more and then you will get it ;)

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