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  5. "The summer is a season."

"The summer is a season."

Translation:O verão é uma estação.

January 9, 2013



Is the definition earlier in this section supposed to be a season? I know that estação is a word for season, but right now we're only learning that it means station. I learned elsewhere they are differentiated by saying "a estação de trem" and "a estação do ano". Does anyone actually say this in Brazil?


it was taught in the earlier stages, that 'temporada' is a 'season', and 'estacao' is a station (with a picture of a railway station) - at what point did - temporada become unacceptable and estacao acceptable for season? most of the stuff here gets very confusing...

Is 'estacao' acceptable for 'season' or not?


Why is verao masculine but estação feminine?


Almost all -ção words – with the exception of coração (heart) – are feminine. These usually relate to the -tion words in English.


Should we be able to use uma temporada here instead? It wasn't accepted as an answer...


Apparently estação means one of the four seasons of the year, whereas temporada relates to other seasons like the football season. Interestingly, google translate prefers época for winter etc, so I'm unsure myself which is correct.


Since my last comment I've actually been to Brazil, so I can shed some light on this. Estação is the preferred term for season of the year, I don't think I ever heard anyone say 'estação do ano' or 'epoca'. Temporada is used for seasons of a television series.


Should be "Summer is a season". "The summer" refers to a particular summer, not summer in general.


I believe both temporada and estacao should be acceptable for seasons. What is the contextual difference?


Somehow epoca is wrong?


época is a period of time not a season

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