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Freezing at the end of Timed Lesson

Has anyone else had issues with the lesson freezing when time runs out? It's happened to me about 6 times now.

November 27, 2013



I have seen this happening if I hit the enter with exactly 0 sec on the timer (just happened to me 5 minutes ago). I have seen it totally about 5 or 10 times over the past few months, and the most annoying thing is that you do not get the points, so when I am doing a quick timed session to save my streak just before midnight, I always stop with a few seconds left on the timer, to make sure I will get the points.


Not exactly my problem but I am using Safari and Lesson Practise (without timer) froze on LAST question after answering and hitting "Enter" - it happened at least 3-4 times and it was really unfortunate and frustrating because I had to close the browser and I lost all the coins of course.


Just tested again and we can't replicate this. Has your internet connection changed at all recently? Are you behind a proxy?


No I am not. But luckily it hasn't happened for few weeks, so maybe it's not a problem anymore. I will let you know if it occurs again.


I couldn't replicate this in Chrome, but could you give me some more information. What browser are you using?


I have seen this happening in chrome over the past few months in whatever is the latest version at the time. I have also seen it in firefox, and in chromium. I think there is a dead time interval between 0 sec on the timer, and the actual page refresh, and it happens if you hit the enter (or continue button) within that interval. The first time I observed it was when I was "greedy" and wanted to get the last point for a question I had finish exactly when the timer was at zero, and "Enter" didn't respond, but the check button was still green and I had enough time to move the mouse, and click it. But now it happens even with "Enter".


mptmpt described a similar situation to mine. I am using chrome, it seems to happen when I am trying to beat the buzzer, when i finish a sentence close to when it hits zero...


I am using Chrome and get this lock up behavior as well. If I hit enter while the graphic is blinking "0" just at the wrong time, the blinking "0" will continue forever. I think it may also be with the text entry dialogue type questions. You can enter a small book into the dialogue at that point and click check and continue to no effect. And, of course, your points are simply lost. It just happened to me 3 times in a row.


this has just happened to me again, at least twice in the last 20 minutes or so....so infuriating... I use Mozilla...please fix it, i have just lost 4 coins and i CAN'T go to bed till I get another 15!!!!!


I have the same problem with firefox (duolingo whitelistet in AdBlock) running OSX. Experienced the problem on two separate machines. The internet connection was stable.

Before I found this thread, I opened this one, to collect different reports on that bug: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1219051

When I encounter the bug, the behavior of the text-box changes. When I hit enter after the freeze, it produces paragraphs, which is disabled during the normal lesson. is that a clou?


Duolingo freezes everytime I use it on pc web browsers (firefox, chrome). If I work in my cellphone it works all right. I have emailed for a solution since i started on Duolingo but the problem still exist.


This just started today on my Android app. It froze 3 or 4 times at the end of a lesson. I tried forcing the app to close and restarting the phone. Restarting the phone seems to have fixed it for now.


This happens to me periodically in timed lessons. Sometimes it freezes on the very last lesson. Sometimes it freezes if I try to "report" a question that I think is incorrect. When the freeze happens, the time keeps running, so I just have to wait it out for it to get to zero.

It happens to me about 1 in 20 lessons.

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