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  5. "У меня есть вода и сок."

"У меня есть вода и сок."

Translation:I have water and juice.

November 22, 2015



Why isn't the question "У меня есть воды и сока"?


Because вода and сок are the subject of the sentence and thus nominative.


what about девушки and мамы in previous sentences, ppl said it's the subject and that's why it's wrote in genitive :(


It's hard to answer the question if you don't provide the sentence you are talking about. But my guess would be that that sentence was negative ("I don't have a girlfriend). And "I don't have" as well as "there's no" requires the genitive.


What is the y for and when to do use it?


If I was to say "The water and the juice are mine", how would I say it?


I think it would be "Вода и сок - мои"


Did you know that in Poruguese the word juice is: "Suco" it's like the Russian pronunciation, could somebody explain me why the word Suco sound like russian???


I switched water and juice by accident! So what?!


Duo does translation exercises. If you don't translate what Duo presents to you it is marked wrong.

You told the computer when translating a sentence with only five words that сок means water and вода means juice. It marked you wrong. What else could it do?


I make it right but you say that I have a mistake


sighs I was marked incorrect simply because I left the soft sign off of есть. It seems very inconsistent on when it would count that as just a typo.


Typos that don't produce a recognizable word are accepted by the computer. Typos that produce a word but one that is incorrect are marked as exactly that... the wrong word. What else can the computer do but mark the wrong word as incorrect.

есть and ест are different words. Not only that but their incorrect usage is a very common mistake that introductory students make.


Я скажу слово правильно но вы расскажите что я делал ошибку. Почему?

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