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  5. "По-моему, они всё поняли."

"По-моему, они всё поняли."

Translation:I think they have understood everything.

November 22, 2015



DL's "correct" answer sounds a little off, but I can't explain why. If you want to use "have" then it would sound better as "they have understood it all." But, you don't need the "have." It sounds best as "they understood everything." Is there any reason why DL is inserting "have" into this sentence?


In colloquial American English, whether you use "have understood" or "understood", you will more likely encounter "everything" as the direct object. If using "all", then you'd probably encounter "understood all of it" rather than "understood it all". But all versions are correct and not unusual.

What I don't understand is why "have understood" is used to translate Perfective aspect. "Understood" alone indicates a definite moment in the past when they understood everything - and probably still do understand, once having gained that understanding. "Have understood" has a connotation that they might not understand now, even though they understood in the past - but they might also still understand, which seems to lend itself more to Imperfective, as least so far as I've been able to grasp the differences between the two aspects. That part of Russian grammar is still very much a work in progress for me.


I had the puzzle exercise on mobile and couldn't choose "have" there. But the sample translation on the top of this thread includes it.


Why not "To my mind" ?


You can't say that in English. "In my mind" can work, however.


Why not "In my opinion..."?


That would work too, I'd have thought.


Yeah, I feel like "seems to me" should work too


how would you say 'i think they all understood' then?


По-моему, они все поняли. Все vs. всё


The former means "everyone", the latter "everything".


Thanks for letting me know, what would I do without you?


How about ''It seems to me they understood everything'' ?


I believe that would be "Мне кажется, они всё поняли".


Could you use "я думаю" here instead of "по-моему"?


Which is the worst thing about speaking in a language you don't think the other person understands.


I think 'to me' would work as well


Why not "according to me"?


Po-MOemu is essentially a short form of po-moemu MNEniyu, which is "In my opinion". I think Opinion expresses your thoughts, and "According to me" would be more like expressing an assessment that you made.


I thought that "according to me" and "in my opinion" were the same in English.


"According to me" sounds as though you are referencing yourself as an expert on the subject, e.g. "Oh yeah? According to who?" "According to ME." While the same connotation could be applied to "in my opinion," the latter reads more as an assessment, uninformed or informed, and less a declaration of authority.


Why is "everything" singular всё, while "everyone" is plural все? The only difference between the two is animate people vs. inanimate things - they are both plural collections.


Surely although literally correct the have is redundant in the translation and they understood everything is more natural


Don't know if it's correct, but as a fluent Russian speaker I use По-моему as "perhaps". Duolingo doesn't accept it...

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