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"The operation"

Translation:Die Operation

January 9, 2013



I agree that 'operation' could be either, but the question is not clear, therefore either possible translation should be accepted. It is very annoying as it is at the moment,


an operation as in surgery is an operation in German, and you are using it in the sense of service here.


I don't see how it's being used in any sense here. This is simply a matter of translating one word without context to another, and selecting the correct gender.


Hi all, unfortunable the english word operation has a wide spectrum of meanings. The only fault which duolingo makes here is not to have context sensitive proposals. Example: I was in the health chapter where duolingo proposed "Bedienung". That is really confusing if you are not a german native, otherwise funny ;-). Here is room of improvements, but this is very complicated because different languages have different specials. By the way: I am german native.

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