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"The loaf of bread is big; it is a big loaf of bread."

Translation:Das Brot ist groß; es ist ein großes Brot.

January 9, 2013



a loaf of bread is "ein Laib Brot"


Your translation is correct, but I don't know anyone that says "ein Laib Brot". For everyday conversation "Brot" is fine.


The original sentence refers to a LOAF of bread, and a native German speaker would use Laib for loaf. By the way, you can buy ein halber Laib Brot.


Marlen, I agree with you entirely. I know a lot of Germans who use Laib for loaf, it is acceptable.


I think "eine Scheibe Brot " should be considered correct, but I'm not mothertongue, so I'm not 100% sure


venturiano - eine Scheibe Brot is simply a slice of bread! Viele Grüße aus Berlin.


I think the reason for the awkward English sentence is that "bread" is an uncountable noun in English, just like "wine" or "money".

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