"Где туалет?"

Translation:Where is the bathroom?

November 23, 2015

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Probably single most important phrase ever


It it easy to understand a person's needs when they suddenly find themselves in a foreign country—yet man's porcelain best friend is nowhere to be seen.

That's why we chose to have this sentence :)


Is this a polite way to say it?

I mean like: "where is the restroom/lady's room?" is better than "bathroom" or "toilet"

Is it acceptable to ask the question like this?


I lived in Russia, and I always asked it like this and no one seemed to think it was rude :)


Did you ever use 'lavatory'? It is in use in europe!


Why we use "the", but not "a" in this sentence?


I guess, because you are looking for the toilet/restroom/bathroom in the same restaurant/flat, so particular one, not just any toilet. For sure, when you are looking for toilet you don't care who is owner of it, but my neigborhood will be surprised if my guests will start to use his toilet). I may be wrong, but hope that folks will figure me out.


In Britain it is toilet. A bathroom has a bath in it.


Bathroom is commenly used as toilet though, even though it's incorrect.


My british friend once told me I was rude for telling her I was just going to the toilet. She preferred 'bathroom'. She's from the north of England though.


I will ask "where is the bathroom?" only when being in single room flat, where is a toilet and bath in the same room.

I wouldn't ask "where is the bathroom?" in the restaurant or any other public place.


Why not? What would you say? Because I've heard Russians use this phrase when asking where the toilet is at a bar or restaurant and this is one of the few questions I ask in Russia which people don't look at me weird for


I always asking "Где туалет?" regardless where I'm in the restaurant or at the friend's home. I may ask "Где ванная?" because there I know I can wash my hands, but not because I'm looking for toilet


I can definitely get behind that use. I wanted to be polite in English speaking company once and asked where the bathroom was - they had a separate toilet so I had to come back and ask where THAT was... Now I'd just rather ask for the specific thing I need even if I might sound less polite.


For French speakers, there is a word "Сорти́р" (Sortir) In Russian which is a slang name for toilet. Don't be confused:)

Also, if you think to ask for "туалет" is impolite, you can use "Убо́рная".


Хаха, спасибо за "сортир" и "уборная", очень хорошие слова!


"Where's the restroom?" should be accepted


Why does туалет sound like toilet in english, or toilette in french and german?? Is it because they both descend from the indoeuropean language??


It is because the word comes from French "toilette". As English, German, and Russian borrowed this word from the same language only a few centuries ago, it still sounds quite close to the original.


Where is the "Toilet", not bathroom.


Toilet and not a bathroom


My answer was correct, yet duolingo got it wrong


What was your answer? You likely made a typo.


Why toilet is not acceptable


This is not asking where the bathroom is , its asking where toilet/restroom is. There is a difffeent word for a room with a shower and toilet


The way the robot says it sounds weird lol


Why not "Where are the bathrooms?". It just refers to a place to offload.

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