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  5. "Jeg har en skilpadde."

"Jeg har en skilpadde."

Translation:I have a turtle.

November 23, 2015



"Jeg har ei skilpadde" also correct, right?


Not many people own turtles... tortoises on the other hand! Is there a different word for both?


Quoting Deliciae

You can use "havskilpadde", "sumpskilpadde", and "landskilpadde" if you need to make a distinction, but we generally don't.


It's unlikely that anyone has a pet turtle. Tortoises have feet and live on land and make good pets. Turtles have flippers and live in the ocean, and don't tend to be kept as pets.


"The meaning of the word turtle differs from region to region. In North America, all chelonians are commonly called turtles, including terrapins and tortoises. In Great Britain, the word turtle is used for sea-dwelling species, but not for tortoises."


I seem to remember in the 60s-80s in the "States" there being a craze of having baby turtles (flippers and all), but they were fresh water types not ocean going....


Jeg liker skilpadder!


What's Norwegian for tortoise?


There's a post higher up in this discussion about that.


Actually, most turtles (and tortoises) are social animals. If you keep them domestically, you should at least be having two for them to be lazy together :D.

In some countries it even is against the law to only have one turtle and you could get into trouble for that.

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