"Что это за хлеб?"

Translation:What kind of bread is this?

November 23, 2015



за means "kind" or "type?"

November 23, 2015

[deactivated user]

    Not really. «Что ... за» is a set expression that means «what kind of». It can’t be broken into constituent parts in Russian, because this expression is borrowed from German «was für ein(e)...».

    November 23, 2015


    Спасибо! Have a lingot

    November 23, 2015


    how would i say "what is this behind the bread?"

    January 11, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      «Что э́то за хле́бом?»

      January 11, 2016


      ah yes thanks!

      January 11, 2016


      Is it possible to translate this as "what kind of bread?"

      December 24, 2015

      [deactivated user]

        You've lost «э́то» in your translation. But "What kind of bread is it/this?" should be accepted (if it's not, please report it).

        December 26, 2015


        I put "what is this kind of bread?" I feel its a valid expression in english but whether or not in russian im not for sure. Im on the app so it normally takes awhile for anyone to respond, so ik goi g ti report it anyways as it sounds acceptable to me. :)

        December 23, 2016


        well it isn't grammatically incorrect in english, but it's not really something you'd normally say

        January 2, 2017


        Reminds me of German as they both use "what" followed by a "for" when asking this sort of question ( albeit Russian has «это» squeezed in there )

        Was für Brot ist das? ( word-for-word : what for bread is this? )

        November 28, 2017


        Is this ok: "что это за птицу?" - What kind of bird is this?

        June 6, 2017


        Что это за птица?

        January 30, 2018


        I thought it said что это за хрень :D

        January 19, 2016


        What kind of bread this is? That's incorrect?! is this or this is?

        March 8, 2017


        Yes, that's incorrect. In english, you invert the usual order of subject and conjugated verb, in a direct question.

        He asks me: "What kind of bread is this?"

        May 29, 2017


        Wrong " What kind of bread this is?"

        Right " What kind of bread is this?"


        Correct example for use of "this is", using, Do you know...

        "Do you know what kind of bread this is?"

        February 5, 2019


        Pita? Baguette? Rye? Roti/Chapati?

        June 9, 2017


        Что это за кошка?

        August 13, 2017


        How would "What kind of bread is that?" be different?

        April 17, 2018


        What is this kind of bread? Что это , what this за....kind... Bread/bread is in the end. Why is this wrong? This appears to be nitpicking at best

        April 16, 2019
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