"Het is niet mijn adres."

Translation:It is not my address.

3 years ago


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Can we say "het is mijn adres niet"? Since we say "ik ken de adres niet?"

1 year ago


Shouldn't it be 'geen' because it is talking about if the address is something, not if it is doing something.

3 years ago

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"Not" tells something about 'mijn' and is therefore translated as "niet". If you say "Het is geen adres", you say "It is no address". Presumably the exercise sentence is about something that is an address, but somebody else's.

You could say "Het is geen adres van mij", but that suggests that you have multiple addresses and the 'it'-address is none of them.

"Het is niet mijn adres" is the best translation here.

3 years ago
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