"Кто им всем платит?"

Translation:Who pays them all?

November 23, 2015

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"who pays all of them"?


How would you translate 'who pays everything for them'?


audio sounds an awful lot like "плачет" mate


does платить always put the recipient in the dative?


I guess so, you always pay TO the recipient.


Got it correct, but having trouble wrapping my head around "им всем". Sounds like word for word bad english translation. Since the meaning is all of them, shouldn't всем be genitive case?


This is a case where Russian doesn't match English. In English you say "all of them"; in Russian you say "they all", so the genitive is not used. Instead, "они" and "все" are in the same case, agreeing with each other.

"All of them" literally would've been "все из них" so it's "они" that would've been in the genitive, not "все" (and "все" would be in the case appropriate to the context. In the given example it's the dative: "всем из них"). "Все из них" is grammatically correct, but unidiomatic. It's mostly used to counter an assumption that something happened only to some of them instead of all. Otherwise it doesn't sound natural at all.

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