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"Le riz et les pâtes"

January 9, 2013



Oh pasta is a new word now? You don't recall introducing it in the last lesson?


Couldn't this be "The rice and the pastas" - plural pastas? LIke if you had rigatoni AND linguini?


Why is it "LE riz and LES pates"? You don't eat one grain of rice, just like you don't eat one spaghetti noodle. Why not "les riz et les pates?"


Well, you don't exactly say, "Can I eat some riceS?" in English, do you? Same with pasta - you wouldn't say "pastas" unless you're refering to different types of pasta.


You haven't answered the question, but only reinforced TFles point. If we go by your analogy: in English you'd say "can I have some rice?" or "can I have some pasta", not "rices" or "pastas", so there is NO discrepancy between them.

In French there IS a discrepancy because with one you use the singular article 'le' and with the other you use the plural 'les'.


can't we plural pasta to pastas


I typed doughs and it said i had a typo so i guess plural is not what they're going for. I'm a little confused.


I am also confused about the les in this question. I the noun is singular why isn't it le as in the le riz.


'les pa^tes' means 'pasta'; le pa^te' means dough. Unexpected, I know.


a hint for "pâte" is pasta too.


Does pâtes mean pasta and at the same time pastries?


how can you tell??? especially since the first word is singular!


There's a very subtle difference between the pronunciation of 'le' and 'les'.


yes - "luh" vs. "lay". Just listen close and/or slow it down. You'll hear it.


With sound enabled, I failed this as I assumed it said "le pâte" as in "the dough", but it was "les pâtes" meaning the pasta, a phrase that hasn't been introduced yet. That's not very fair. I don't think we should have to rely on trial and error to pass any of these.


I agree, I'm not a fan of the trial-and-error way of guessing these things.


¿les pâtes? Is plural or singular? I think that is plural. Why the translation is singular?


"Pasta" can be plural.


Yes, I also do not understand why it would be translated as "The rice and the pasta", although that is what I intuitively did, and was correct. Le riz would be singular (the rice) but les pate seems like it should be plural (the pastas).


Because in English we do not say "the pastas". Though we do say "the pastries". You can never translate into another language word-for-word as a lot of the times, it will make no sense. Part of what you are learning is how to use words, not just what they mean. Your intuition was right on!

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