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"Get up as early as possible on Monday, please."

Translation:Встань в понедельник пораньше, пожалуйста.

November 23, 2015



Get up as early as possible. = Встань как можно раньше. Встань пораньше = Get up earlier. I'm not sure that these translations match. It might be confusing to others


It would be if things were exactly as you describe them. They are not, though (except in a magic land where machine translations are the source for bets translations).

Still open to suggestions if someone comes up with a translation that expresses the meaning better.


пораньше = a little earlier?


yep! well, in my russian classes at university, they always taught us that по+comparitive means a this: http://russianlearn.com/grammar/category/the_comparative_degree


Well, it is fuzzy, so we accept a range of answers. Such usage is popular in spoken language, and means that a person wants you to get up "kind of early", "earlier than you normally would". Technically saying "earlier" implies that you compare it to something that is just "early".

Раньше is not used in that meaning (you use it to say "before", though). However, the spoken пораньше does get used to extend the meaning or "earlier" a tad bit: with this word, you can say "somewhat earlier" without specifying any reference point.

So "a little earlier", "early" and "as early as you can" are all quite valid because English does not really have a matching expression to refer to an unspecified "earlier" time, which is pretty vague but still substantially earlier than normally. A request like the one in the title typically means that a person wants you to do something come Monday, that requires you to be somewhere earlier than usual, and that means you'd have to get up earlier to achieve that. Maybe you'll have to devote quite a bit of time to that activity, so you'd want to make sure you have enough time to spare before work/school.


I agree that a more accurate translation is: Встань в понедельник раньше как можно, пошалуйста. The currently "correct" translation means "get up a little earlier on Monday, please."


Встань в понедельник раньше как можно does not sound like anything a native speaker would ever say.


"As X as possible" is generally как можно + a comparative adjective.

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