"my juice"

Translation:мой сок

November 23, 2015



How do you distinguish й from и when you write in latin letters? I wrote "moy sok" and I had a typo in my answer. But if I write "moi sok", for me it would mean that it is written with и and not й.


For anyone who can't use Cyrillic (I don't know how easy it is to get on mobile): 'Й' is more commonly transliterated as 'J' in the Roman alphabet (which also helps you to remember that 'Й' is treated as a consonant in Russian, hence more likely to be masculine) while 'Ы' is more commonly transliterated as 'Y' (always a vowel in Russian as well as a lot of other languages).


Why don't you type in Cyrillic? Latin transliteration seems to be an unnecessary complication.


I did not want to change my keyboard, because I was afraid of different layout. But I did so now, and it seems quite intutive, so thanks.


After downloaded a new keyboard you go from one to another by draging on the space bar. It is really easy.


Why should't 'my juice' be 'Мой сока'? Is generative different from 'possessive'


Suffice to say, it makes no sense. However, I may help if you elaborate on how you came up with "мой сока"


Why does every sentence on duolingo sound so perverted!


Ike why grandma looking at my like that with a smug face saying 'My juice'


so "juice" is plural here?


You're right! How did I come to this conclusion - I don't know myself. ;-)

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