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"My daughter goes to a private school."

Translation:Kızım özel okula gidiyor.

November 23, 2015



It marked me wrong for putting "bir" in there - so is there a way to distinguish between the sentences "My daughter goes to a private school" and "my daughter goes to the private school" (like maybe the only one in town)? Or just context? Thanks!


why not (özel okuluya)


Because, If there is a letter which is vowel on the last letter of the word, then you add -y- but there is no vowel on this word.


what i meant was why isn't (okul) in the accusative form


Because it's in the dative form :) (indicating the direction of motion).

You can't have dative on top of accusative.


so genitive and dative and accusative are enemies


Also locative, ablative, and instrumental.

One case at a time, please.

Just like you can't really say "my his book" or "he walksed". It's either mine or it's his and either "he walks" in present or "he walked" in past, just like the school is either accusative or dative.


Shouldn't it be gider for goes? Gidiyor means going as in going right now no?


Why not "... özel bir okula ..."? Is it because "school" is in the dative case?


can this sentence have school in accusative? Or rather, does this imply habitual, general action, that my girl is right now on her way to school, or both?


can this sentence have school in accusative?

No. You cannot "go a school".


Why is "Kızım özel bir okula gidiyor." not accepted? This is the third individual to ask, İ hope we get an answer, please!


I am learnıng Turkish myself and Englısh is not my mother language, but I will try to answer you. I think that "özel bir okul" and "özel okul" are different things. In my opinion 'özel bir okul' is a school that specializes in something and "özel school" is a school in private hand. However özel and school fit together as for example "sağlık sigortası' 'health insurance. It is not possible to say "sağlık bir sigortası." You should say "bir sağlik sigortası"

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