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  5. "This actress has red hair."

"This actress has red hair."

Translation:Ця актриса має руде волосся.

November 23, 2015



Yeah, I'd say акторка in 100% of the cases, didn't know актриса is a valid word, but it's in the dictionary!


I agree that it is a valid word but both variants are possible and it marked as incorrect


Oh wow, strange, yup, will report if stumble upon


А чому "червоне волосся" не працює?


Because червоний means literally red colour. Рудий means "dark orange".

In English "red" is used to denote the colour of fur and hair, even though it's obviously orange, because it's an old word from the times when people didn't have a word for orange as a separate colour.


Or waaaaaaaaait, do you mean that a person literally has red hair, like, as red as blood, because they dyed it that way? :D And "She has red hair" can mean that, so it also can be translated as "червоний"? :D

That's cool and IS a correct translation. But it won't be accepted here, because this way one can't see whether the person did learn the word "рудий" or not. It would look like people are just literally translating "red" to "червоний" thinking that's how they can call "orange" hair...

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