"Ці жінки працювали на півдні."

Translation:These women worked in the South.

November 23, 2015



This still needs to be changed. The audio says in Ukrainian "як довго вона працювала на півдні?", but the text reads "Ці жінки працювали на півдні."

October 1, 2016


Disabled the audio. Will re-record as soon as possible.

Please don't duplicate report messages in the comments :)

Now this comment will stay up after the issue is fixed, and the new meaningful comments that ask about grammar or syntax or meaning will be buried below....

January 26, 2019


I still hear the wrong audio

March 23, 2019


With my powers, I can disable the audio (which I did, but it doesn't work) and record new audio (which I can do, but for some reason only for the exercises with no audio, I can't replace the old audio).

I have already notified the staff, let's see :)

March 29, 2019
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