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  5. "Bunu kim yapardı?"

"Bunu kim yapardı?"

Translation:Who used to do this?

November 23, 2015



I'm not sure about the use of "would" in this lesson. A correct solution is "Who'd do this?".

I know that "would" is another way of saying "used to" to talk about repeated or habitual actions in the past–"Every morning we would walk in the garden.".

But "would" is also used to express desire and intent. As far as I know "Who would do this?" could also mean "Who could be capable/willing to do this?" and "Who could do such a thing?". Frankly, I haven't seen "would" used in the "used to" meaning in questions that much.

So, the question–which uses of "would" are used with the aorist+past construction?

EDIT: In another example I saw that "would" could be used in a hypothetical situation–"Onunla çok farklı olurdu."–"It would have been very different with him.". So I guess "Bunu kim yapardı?" could very well mean "Who would do this?" as a hypothetical question. Still not sure, though.


it is not because would and used to mean the same thing, it is because would and used to are constructed exactly the same way in Turkish, so the sentence above could mean both "who would do this" and "who used to do this"


Thanks, that's nice to know. :)


Then "Duo beni severdi" from a previous sentence could mean "Duo would have loved me". (Maybe in English it's more correct to say "Duo would love me".)


kafam cok karıştı . who didbuse to do this neden kabul edilmedi nerede hata yapıyorum


I heard the first word as balik. I don't think I'm wrong on the fast version.

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