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RussianEditor3 alternative

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I don't want to add a new keyboard to my windows because:

  • I already have a few and changing to the one I want with alt+shift will take long (I type mixed language a lot)
  • My keyboard already has stickers for 2 languages on it, no place for third one (so I won't be able to use Cyrillic keyboard easily).

So I was looking for an on-screen keyboard, where you press graphical keys and then press a key to copy the text to clipboard (I'll then paste into Duolingo website).

I found this software called RussianEditor ( http://www.russianeditor.com/ ) but it is too expensive for the work it does (you can build one in a few hours, just put a few buttons on a C# form and a text box and a button for copying to clipboard).

Does anyone know a cheaper or free alternative? I know the websites that do the job (like http://winrus.com/keyboard.htm) , but I prefer an app than a website.


2 years ago