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RussianEditor3 alternative


I don't want to add a new keyboard to my windows because:

  • I already have a few and changing to the one I want with alt+shift will take long (I type mixed language a lot)
  • My keyboard already has stickers for 2 languages on it, no place for third one (so I won't be able to use Cyrillic keyboard easily).

So I was looking for an on-screen keyboard, where you press graphical keys and then press a key to copy the text to clipboard (I'll then paste into Duolingo website).

I found this software called RussianEditor ( http://www.russianeditor.com/ ) but it is too expensive for the work it does (you can build one in a few hours, just put a few buttons on a C# form and a text box and a button for copying to clipboard).

Does anyone know a cheaper or free alternative? I know the websites that do the job (like http://winrus.com/keyboard.htm) , but I prefer an app than a website.


November 23, 2015



Even with lots of languages you can change between keyboards easily:

You can set hotkeys to go to whichever of your keyboards you like. As you can see, mine are set to CTRL + a number. From your "Language bar" go to "Settings... " and select "Advanced Key Setting" to set that up.

Otherwise, you're right, cycling through a lot of them is tedious, and it eventually was causing thumb joint problems for me.


Why not ditch the english keyboard? It is so useless considering its lack of diacritics, I personally use German keyboard for English, Swedish and German as it has it all (I do use an altcode for the ring a though)


I use the Japanese one :)


Spoderowl, The regular English keyboard I've been using for more than half a century and keep it for the special characters--they're most familiar to me, as they've been pretty much the same since at least the late 1970s, and I've done a lot of typing since then.

The Spanish keyboard is pretty good for special accent marks, etc., too--often I won't know it's in effect until I try typing parentheses. Haven't tried the German keyboard yet. Prob. the next keyboard for me will be Swedish, if I ever get far enough along with what I'm learning now to start a new language.

Shady_arc, You have a virtual (software) keyboard, right--not one of the humongous physical objects w/ many, many keys?


Some software automatically adjusts its spellcheck to the current keyboard... it would be annoying to have it default to German when typing in English.

(That's what made me add an English keyboard - I usually type on the German one since I'm in Germany, but I type English a lot. And getting red squiggles in Word is annoying so I added it more or less only for Word - I keep using the German keyboard otherwise :))


There are tons of software, I am sure.

You can try http://translit.cc/

Ypu can try Google Input Tools, too.


Thank you very much.


As slogger suggested, just change the hotkey. I have Alt+Shift+1, Alt+Shift+2 etc. It took me only a small amount of time to get used to.


Thanks to Shady Arc I installed google input tools. The signs are not on the on screen keyboard.

Now the question is that how can I type letters with umlauts? (My, Actor and even You)



мой, актёр, ты/вы ?


Oh, sorry, I shouldn't work at night. I guess I have gone blind.

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