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Teachers, how do you integrate Duolingo within your classroom?

November 23, 2015



I would like to give students a pre and post test to measure the improvement after 3 months of using duolingo. Is there any test I can use? I would like to use one that is directly related to the vocabulary they are learning in Duolingo. I teach Spanish.


SylviaRamo3, you can access the exact vocabulary in the classroom curriculum view on Duolingo for Schools, which you could use to generate a test (there are no ready-made tests available on Duolingo). You could also have them take the placement test and see where they land, and at the end have them delete their progress and re-take that... but it won't be an exact copy of the previous test (it's adaptive), and they would have to delete their progress. On the other hand, they would hopefully land exactly where they are supposed to be. I would be interested in knowing the results as well! The simplest solution in my view would be to give them whatever test you usually give them at the end of the year (in previous years) and use that as a pre and post test to see if Duolingo had an impact in general on their "regular" language learning. Or use a standardized test they have to take (if that is the case) as the pre- and post-test. Keep in touch! :]


Hi Senora,

That's a very interesting question. I've being thinking about this lately as I'm preparing a French course for adults beginners (I'm new in teaching ;-)

Each week I'll expect the students to do at least to 7-10 Duolingo lessons on top of reviewing what was covered in courses.

It's a short course, so I decided that class time will be 80% focused on getting people talking and pronunciation. (basic everyday life situations) The rest will be grammar points /exercises that will provide a certain overlap with Duolingo.

I plan to cover more or less the beginner curriculum but I won't try to have it synchronized with Duolingo.

I think it doesn't matter, spaced repetition and diversity are good things.

From a vocabulary standpoint, there will be little overlap between duolingo and what I'm going to cover in class. Good thing as long as people don't saturate.

Cheers, Xavier


I'd like to know, too. Right now I'm not direct teaching using Duolingo. It's a supplement to my textbook. I give the students time in class to work on this while I conference with individual students or when they have finished an activity before everyone else. They prefer it to workbook exercises! Of course, I still assign workbook exercises related to what we do in class, but so many students don't want to do THAT work, and they would rather do online activities.


Teachers often go hunting for creative ideas, and each of us probably has some cool language learning ideas that we saw someone do or that we learned from someone else. Please share! These threads not only give teachers an awesome way to discuss ideas, but it gives us at Duolingo an insight to how teachers are using it and how we can improve and optimize Duolingo for Schools to fit the needs of today's students, whether they happen to be kids or adults; Duolingo can adapt to students while you can still highly influence future of the tool. <3

So if this thread is something you'd like to see more of, please share how you use Duolingo with your learners, even if it is a short response. Thanks for sharing your ideas, these really make Duolingo for Schools advance like no other language learning tool could. :]


I would love it if Duolingo would allow you to send a weekly repeating assignment. I assign 20xp each week to students, starting Monday at 8am and ending Friday at 8am. It would be much more efficient if I could set the assignment to automatically repeat.


Hear! Hear! Me too MsC.! My students are grades 2-5.


I use Duolingo as a warm-up several days each week. Students either use their phones or laptops we have in class. I give them 5-10 minutes to work, so the sooner they get to class, the more time they have. I post the highest XP per week on a board in my room, and each quarter I give a prize to the winner (usually a homework pass - those are worth gold!). It both reviews vocabulary they have already seen and introduces them to new vocabulary and new structures that we haven't gotten to yet. I like that students can work at their own pace and refresh as needed!

[deactivated user]

    I think Duolingo should allow educators to be able to send online messages to their students just in case of important notices. I'm not talking about forums but messages, similar to email.


    I'd like to see a list of topics, with number of lessons, and content description, in the order they show up when I give assignments to students. (I try not to use the points option.) I'm talking about the Spanish class. Ideally I should be able to (1) run any topic quiz any time in my teacher's account. (2) Generate a quiz for specific topics (2 or 3), similar to multiple choice T/F, matching that you can generate in Quizlet. Finaly, and away from the main topic, you should change the Spain flag from the Spanish class, because Spain represents a small part of Spanish speakers, and the Spanish they speak in the Iberian peninsula is way different from the one spoken in the other hispanic countries.


    I usually tell them to start using the app and get their info. I give private classes as well, so, duolingo really helps a lot because I can target on what they are missing and even on what they have trouble, like vocabulary or gramamar. So, seeing what they did in a week, I assign more lessons and so on.




    I create a Duolingo classroom for each group and there I assign my students to practice the target language. Also, we use the application in the classroom together. It is easy to complete the assignments for students and it also facilitates the checking process.


    Hi everyone! I'm starting to use Duolingo with teenagers English learners in highschool. They're thrilled to use it at home, like a game, and to earns points. I was wondering, though, if there was a way to launch a Class Activity and having students answering simultaneusly but each one of their own from their own device (sort of what Kahoot does). Is it already possible - and I can't find the right way to do it - or it's only managable together as a group?


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