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"Мне не нравится такая музыка."

Translation:I don't like music like this.

November 23, 2015



I dont like this music was not accepted.


"Мне не нравится эта музыка".


Is it incorrect English to say 'such a music' ?


I think so, yes. I can't think of a context where we would say "a music".


I agree. Music is uncountable. I think I can recall exactly one time where I heard "one of the musics," in a Beatles documentary. Very strange. So maybe it's colloquial?


Even "the music" is rare, only when you are talking about the actual music playing would you say "Tthe music," otherwise you would say music. "A music" would never be said, music would have to be an adjective, like " a musical piece" or " musical sound."


OK thanks Theron


As a native english speaker, I wouldn't even say "I don't like such music", even though duolingo says that's an acceptable answer. People will still understand what you are trying to say, but it's just not a common thing to say in my opinion. It could be a common thing to say in British english though, what I said refers to American english.


Yeah, even in British, "such" in this kind of sentence seems to be falling out of favour.


No, "I don't like such music" is correct.


It's correct but it's commonly used in conversation. The "such" is often dropped. It is a bit superfluous. It is often implied and often considered unnecessary since we know what one means when you say "i don't like this music."


Is такая a sort of declension of эта?


No, it's a declension of "Такой", meaning "This/That kind of".


So is it wrong to say "I don't like this music?"


Apparently, it's weird. This is what I'd say in English, it doesn't really make sense to me to say 'I don't like such music.'


The problem with "this music" is ambiguity. Suppose one enjoys a particular style of music, but simply not the particular composition or rendition referenced by the statement. Though I generally hear the phrase "this [kind/sort] of music", "such music" is also a valid phrase.


It might be valid, but no one says it. We seldom use the word "such" and never in this context. "He's such an idiot" would be a joke about him. "There is no such thing" would be one of the few uses of the word.


It is a sort of "old-fashioned" way of saying it. I like to re-read Charles Dickens and I don't like such music would have been very acceptable in that era. In fact, I would probably say that myself.


In English we'd say - I don't like that kind of music


"This" - implies the music is being observed at the moment. But when simply talking about music, you'd say "that kind of music". Saying, "such music" is ok and is normally paired with dislike....but can be perceived as being high-nose or judgemental.


It sounds like"nravYAtsya" here. It's not correct for "mouzyka". Pronounce it " Nravitsya"


"I don't like such music" is a type of construction you would hear from a speaker who is new to English (it is really old-fashioned). Instead, consider constructions like "I don't like music like this", "I don't like this kind of music," or even "I don't like this music"


I sound funny trying to say "мне не".

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